Hi there you might (but probably won't) know me as TeeHeeShe from MTS, and this is my simblr of building aka Unconstrained Creation - Testing the limits of Sims 3 architecture so you don't have to!


Sea Steps - For Science/recreational swimming

I hope this video tutorial will explain the mysteries of creating steps into the sea for you all. I plan to use this technique in a lot soon but I’d love to see what you crazy creative people can do with it too! Virtual hugs from your building friend, me :)

P.S. The video is a lot higher quality but I just compressed it down to fit on tumblr, I could probably post the original elsewhere if people want higher definition tutorials?

P.P.S. Argh, I just watched it after posting and it’s soooo crunchy! I didn’t realise I’d compressed it that much :( I’ll upload a better quality version tomorrow but I’ll not take this one down till it’s up I promise.

Links as promised:

Baka’s site (highly recommended, great worlds) - http://www.bakasims.com/

Armiel’s builder’s island (very useful for quick building access) - http://db.modthesims.info/download.php?t=403308

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