Hi there you might (but probably won't) know me as TeeHeeShe from MTS, and this is my simblr of building aka Unconstrained Creation - Testing the limits of Sims 3 architecture so you don't have to!

Can I ask where you found the thing around the trees? *_*

Of course, its actually EA content and its found in the buydebug menu, in the very right hand tab


Congratulations to the winners!


I apologize for this announcement being a few days late. SPX was a surprise and I barely had enough time to shower! But on to the 5 winners of the first Sims Patch Notes giveaway:

  1. unconstrainedcreations
  2. queenemorsim
  3. full-ofstarlight
  4. marginalmedusa
  5. aminovas

Congratulations to…

Say whaaaaaat!

faints from surprise

I can’t believe I won something, I can’t believe I won something, I can’t believe I won something!


EA if you did this, I’m coming for you!

I don’t know if its just me or cfe is a heck of a lot less stable recently? I’ve never managed to cause cfe to crash my game before yesterday and now its coming up to 6 times the game has suddenly force quit while doing minor cfe trickery…

Not impressed


Is this with that weird basement trickery? I tried to figure it out in my game once and completely failed. Would you ever do a tutorial? :)

It is, the lowest level is actually basement and then its just five normal levels above that. I’d be glad to do a tutorial if you like?